Customer Love

Atrium helps sales managers use data to improve team performance

AE Management

Mike Flores

Sales Director

“It's really helped me be a lot more of a thought leader, and somebody who's more proactive versus being somebody who is trying to connect the dots after it's too late. I've never felt more empowered, and really built a brand around being somebody who is data minded, and also can really respect the science of sales.”

Jamie Meyer

Director of Sales Strategy and Performance

“The number one reason I'd recommend Atrium is that not only is the platform incredible and makes analyzing data accessible to anyone in the organization, but that the support team at Atrium is world class. They go above and beyond to make sure that we're moving in the right direction, that we have the tools to do so, and that we're looking at the right data to make the right decisions.”

Jack Tuton

Manager, Commercial Sales

“Atrium is a new manager’s best friend.  As a rep you’re focused on deals, deals, deals. Doing that as a manager isn’t scalable - as tempting as it might be.  Managing via metric, with goals, data-driven 1:1s, and data-driven pipe reviews is the only way to scale.  In some ways Atrium has been teaching me how to be a better manager even as I use it daily to run my business.”

SDR Management

Travis Militzer

Sales Development Manager

“The one thing that stands out that Atrium really helped us achieve is speed to ramp with our new hires. I really love that. The tool makes it so simple to see, “hey, here's how you're comparing to other people that have ramped in the past, here's how you're comparing two people that are super senior in the role."

Amanda Wilde

Sr. Manager, Business Development

"With Atrium to help with onboarding, I was able to really validate our activity metrics, and I found out I was incorrect; we needed to find a certain number of accounts, and we were low on prospects. We weren't reaching out wide enough, and we weren't multi-threading accounts as much as we should have been. I learned that by looking at the data that Atrium provided for my top performers.

Could I have gotten that from sales, if I had the time or the skills to be able to do it? Probably not."

Jaime Kronick

Director of Sales Development

“We have a large sales development team, with a few dozen reps spanning corporate, mid-market, and enterprise segments. Atrium helps managers stay on top of rep activity goals, track the new rep ramp, and self-serve insights without the need to ask sales ops to for help. We love it."

Shane Falkowksi

Manager, Mid-Market Sales Development

“As you might expect, SalesLoft runs a rigorous, modern SDR program. Atrium helps me ensure my reps are tracking to the right quantity and quality of prospecting activities on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It’s way easier to use than Salesforce reporting, and proactively alerts me to which reps are having issues, and where, so I can focus on fixing problems instead of finding them."

Valari Faccenda

Director, Sales Development

“I’ve now used Atrium in four different roles. I started with an inbound SDR team at my last company, as I was just getting familiar with data-driven management. Here, Atrium has grown with me starting as a single SDR manager, then managing of two SDR managers, and now running the SDR team, and a set of SMB AEs. There’s no way I can do my job without data, and Atrium helps me do that."

Sales Operations

Dave Zwerin

Sr. Director of Sales Operations

“If you're a lean organization or sales ops organization, then this is a tool that will give you so much leverage around reporting, manager enablement, and coaching."

Justin Beck

Sr. Manager of Revenue Enablement

“Atrium has really helped me achieve more clarity and transparency on what are the numbers  we care about. That's been incredibly helpful to dig into what the best reps are doing differently so  we can coach the lower performers."

Michael Martinez

Manager, Revenue Operations

“The number one reason why I recommend Atrium is for the value it provides. You're essentially adding a team of analysts at a fraction of the price to understand what's really going on in your sales organization."

Sean Heisler

VP, Operations

“I pride myself on my Salesforce reporting and dashboarding abilities. That said, when we were starting to scale our sales team at Datagrail, there were so many priorities for me to handle as our solo operations practitioner that Atrium’s instant-on and out-of-the-box functionality was a lifesaver. Especially contending with less-than-perfect Salesforce data.

This way I could spend my time on more important projects, including more sophisticated reporting and analytics for product, customer success, Board meetings and more. I knew my sales and SDR managers were taken care of by Atrium.

Jessica Thomas

Director, Revenue Operations

“I’ve been in Operations for close to 12 years now, and I have to say Atrium is my favorite tool in the arsenal (past and present), hands down. The amount of insight we’re getting from Atrium after just a few short months has been so impactful to our sales team - from operations, to leadership, to managers, and even the reps. To sum it up, Atrium helps my managers ask the questions, and find the answer, and solve the problem - which makes my team more successful.”

Michelle Tuzman

Sales Operations Manager

“One thing we do to help make data-driven performance everyone’s job is by running sales ops-led “performance data 1:1s” with reps and managers, using Atrium. This helps us easily break down performance against leading indicators, and flag potential soft spots in rep performance before it becomes a major bookings issue. And it shows managers where they need to intervene and coach.

We in Ops love it because it helps everyone be more aware and raises performance. Managers and reps love it because they’re learning a new skill - and of course it helps them hit their goals.”

Victor Sowers

VP, Revenue Operations & Strategy

“This has been the most successful new sales tool we’ve deployed - and we use a lot of sales tech. My sales ops managers see insights in Atrium and reach out to the sales managers, only to find out that they’ve already seen those alerts from Atrium and had conversations with their reps to work to resolve.

Atrium has reduced the “metrics analysis” burden on my sales ops team substantially, and empowered my line managers to be more data driven and proactive themselves, all the way down to helping the reps better self manage by being more aware of their own performance metrics.

Atrium has had a huge impact.”


Eric Martin

Head of Sales

“One phone call with Pete was enough for me to know that I was going to be able to use this tool to my advantage, my team's advantage, and reduce the anxiety of not having visibility into this data.”

Brian Gregory

President & Founder

“What made Atrium stand out from the pack was the ability to actively monitor our ramping reps and make sure that they were hitting milestones,confirming we were coaching them effectively. We still haven't found a system that does it as good as Atrium. 

Daren Tomey

Sr. Vice President, Business Development

“What really made Atrium stand out to me was the ease in setup. Literally plug and play within a very short period of time. I had actual insights, and that's what we were looking for.  

Not only do I love it from a leadership perspective, but all of my account executives like it because of the built in recommendations. They can see themselves versus their peers. It truly has been absolutely monumental.”

Steven Broudy

Vice President, Sales

“What I love about Atrium is just how rapidly both myself, the leaders who work for me, and my team can immediately start realizing value. You get that immediately - literally plug it in, play, hit go. It's wild.”

Marilyn Valace

Vice President, Sales

“Sales leaders want to know that their managers are managing their teams analytically. My job is to empower my managers to run their business in a modern, data-driven fashion, and Atrium helps them do just that.  Knowing that my managers are bring data to their team meetings, 1:1s, pipe reviews, and rep coaching lets me focus on more strategic efforts and scaling the business.”

Alejandro Figari

Chief Revenue Officer

“The data-driven management excellence Atrium has helped us achieve has simply been transformative for our sales team.

We’ve advanced our sales team’s execution by leaps and bounds, and as the sponsor of the project, our success with Atrium has helped propel me from a Country Manager to leading our entire sales organization.

Being a data-driven modern sales leader is the way of the future. I would encourage everyone to get on the train.”

Brandon O’Sullivan

Manager, Commercial Sales

“When I started at Convex, I wanted our sales team to be data-driven from the get go. I knew we were going to be hiring a bunch of reps, so tracking ramp was going to be key, as well. Atrium has been a godsend for this and ensured we started our growth on the right foot. I currently have 12 direct reports, mixed between AEs and SDRs (I know, crazy), and the only way I can stay on top of them all is via data-driven 1:1s, team meetings, and pipeline reviews.”

Tammy Sexton

Vice President, Enterprise Sales

“Atrium infuses every part of my sales organization with data-driven excellence. It helps my busy sales managers stay on top of leading indicators of success across all their reps, and never get surprised.

It also makes pipeline reviews extremely efficient thanks to data-based inspection on key opp-level health indicators. And generally, I know that my managers are managing with metrics the way I want them to be, even if I can’t be with them constantly.”

Ben Sternsmith

VP Sales & Customer Success

“Before joining Tonkean, I had runs at Lyft and Salesforce. Both were scaled sales organizations with fantastic sales operations functions to assist leadership with data-driven management. When I got to Tonkean, it was clear that data-driven management was going to fall to me and my first sales ops hire.  Atrium’s instant-on capabilities got us up and running in 10-minutes, putting in place the core operational metrics I needed to run my team.  And as we’ve grown, Atrium has provided sales ops leverage to support my team, while my managers and I can self-serve metrics we need to stay on top of our growing AE and SDR teams.”

Mike Cabot

Vice President, Sales

“Prior to Atrium, we were using multiple dashboarding and forecasting tools in an attempt to be more data-driven. With so many different places to interpret data and derive insights from, it took more time than me and my managers had cycles for.

With Atrium, our managers now login, quickly see why a rep is underperforming, and coach them to fix the issue.

Having managers proactively coach using data has always been a goal for the organization. Atrium has helped us achieve that.”